Time frame for upcoming chapters 

Due to covid-19 situation we are not able to record lectures to the fullest. But we have done major part of recording and going to release the chapters in sequence.

This time frame we are taking in order to provide you with the best content in the form of recorded video lectures and downloadable notes 

1.Rotational dynamics 118 July 2020
2.Rotational dynamics 225 July 2020
3.Mechanical properties of fluids05 Aug 2020
4.KTG and Radiation16 Aug 2020
5.Thermodynamics26 Aug 2020
6. Oscillations10 Sept 2020
7.Superposition of waves16 Sept 2020
8. Wave Optics22 Sept 2020
9. Electrostatics29 Sept 2020
10. Current Electricity08 Oct 2020
11. MEEC15 Oct 2020
12. Magnetic Material22 Oct 2020
13.EMI28 Oct 2020
14.AC Circuit05 Nov 2020
15.Dual Nature of matter and Radiation12 Nov 2020
16.Structure of atom and nucleie18 Nov 2020
17.Semiconductor devices25 Nov 2020