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Online Classroom of Prime Shiksha


As today’s world is rapidly transitioning towards digital interface online education is fast gaining grounds. The flexibility of time, place, and location has enabled online teaching to become increasingly popular. Besides building modern elements in the method of instruction, this technology also harnesses the ingenuity of a teacher. Prime Shiksha is a novel e-learning classroom that combines distinct and interesting styles of teaching, proven methodology and technology to offer ‘prime education’.

Why choose Prime Shiksha? 

Making the complicated syllabus uncomplicated

As the Maharashtra State Board new syllabus is far more complex and arduous than the previous syllabus, Prime Shiksha will train their students accordingly. They will help the students to shine in these exams by providing them with simple tutoring experience that ensures positive results.  

New learning tools

New learning tools and supportive videos are underway to make this two-way process of teaching and learning straight and simple.


The network of quality and competent Teachers:

Prime Shiksha is mobilizing the best instructors to teach. Setting high benchmarks of teaching this channel aims to bring value to students as well as a teacher. This is the hallmark of Prime Shiksha.


To offer premium level education through top-level educators is the motto of Prime Shiksha.